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MMC (Multi Media Company), founded in 2008, is active under the name
"OK WebTV"- registered in 2008 with the Chamber of Commerce.

OK WebTV has 3 productions:
- With our partner in Luxembourg we can provide frequency on the satellite and also produce different TV formats. Realize your own TV channel!
- We have an agreement with an American company for a retail partnership for our Cyber Security OK product.
- Own development of a number of websites for consumers.

OK Web TV production

We produce with our partner Interactive game shows such as:


Maximizing reach with online and mobile in the fast evolving new digital environment.

We bring experience, flexibility and creative ideas to the table

Why not email us to discuss how we can help your company or organization with its own satellite TV channel.


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    • The volume of Mobile Phones is much higher than PCs.
    • The average time spent on Mobile Apps is 64%.
    • On an Average, people check their mobile every 6 minutes.
    • People use mobile Apps 6 times more than the websites.
    • 79% smart-phones users use their mobile to make purchasing decisions.
    • 50% users make purchase on Mobile within 1 hour as compared to 1 month on Desktops.
    • 73% of Business Owners use Mobile Apps daily.
    • Business owners also use Mobile Apps for Customer Engagement.

    With our partner we are able to produce different TV formats.

    Interactive gameshows:

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  • 1. CALL TV
    Call TV, our unique live, interactive quiz format is designed to generate massive revenues even off-prime, while providing viewers with exciting, high-quality entertainment.

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    Our Jewellery Show is a teleshop program selling solely precious jewellery pieces trough live television shows.

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    A revolutionary format which gives us the opportunity to contribute to the world’s worthiest causes doing what we know best – live gameshows. In this format, donors give to our partner charity and can win cash prizes by solving puzzles.

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    Our new offering is the first multi-screen talent competition TV-format, that starts on a smart phone - engaging millions of users to participate in the TV show. The prime-time program brings the fast pace and interactivity far beyond just voting. This is what younger generation and smart phone users require and which no other talent show could offer to-date.

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  • 5. ESO.TV
    The most talented psychics, astrologers and spiritual experts work with us. Our esoteric shows are loved by audiences , a direct result of the resources we devote to this area.

    Maximizing reach with online and mobile in the fast evolving new digital environment.

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